Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Since you cover news stories, why would you want to cover a wedding?
A: I love being around people who actually WANT me to photograph them! Photographing the President or even George Clooney has its exciting side, but the reality of those assignments is, I only get a couple minutes with them and then I’m kicked out the door. Documenting a wedding is a nice break from people who rush me in and out and aren’t necessarily excited to have me photograph them. Getting a chance to shoot a couple on one of the most important days of their lives is both and honor and an exciting challenge.
Q: Do you make traditional wedding albums?
A: No, I don’t. Photography is what I’m about. We can discuss some different presentation possibilities, but I’m not offering a traditional album with my work.
Q: My Mom is definitely going to want some (but not a lot!) of formal portraits. Do you do formal portraits?
A: Of course! The formals and "posed" pictures always make their way into the wedding and I have plenty of experience shooting them, both inside and out, but remember the emphasis of this site: photojournalism. Documenting moments is the priority. If you prefer to see more formal pictures than "found moments," you should keep looking... there are lots of photographers out there for that.
Q: Do you use medium format cameras? We heard they produce the best quality, especially for enlargements.

I shoot weddings with the same equipment I use for many of my magazine news assignments. The highest quality (largest mega-pixel) digital 35mm cameras. .While doing some of my editorial work with large format film cameras, particularly in very controlled situations with no time restrictions, I have simplified my wedding equipment and use only 35mm, with the key reasons being mobility, motor drives and ease of lense switching.

Digital camera and printing technology has come a long way and with the large files produced by my camera, you can make huge prints that look amazing! Many medium format wedding photographers will try to dismiss anyone shooting in 35mm, but I say compare the work before you make a decision. Capturing moments is the key when shooting your wedding and using the equipment that I have used in working on journalism assignments makes that possible. Much of what you see on many wedding websites is re-created so as to give the impression of a captured moment. Using my equipment and my journalism background make my pictures real, not posed.

Q: Do you use an assistant?
A: Rarely! Many photographers use an assistant to carry their gear and put digital cards in their cameras, but trained photojournalists are used to working on stories by themselves. No assistant means less distraction and I don’t have to worry about an assistant being in any of the pictures!
Q: Do you travel?

Yes! Please call to discuss your travel plans.



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